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Group Benefits

Recruiting and retaining qualified staff is the cornerstone of any successful business. We realize the importance of being able to provide Health & Dental coverage that meets the needs of both individuals as well as families at a cost that is affordable to both business owner & staff.

Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCA’s) & Individual Pension Plans (IPP’s)

Business owners & executives have an opportunity to increase their contributions to a retirement program beyond regular RSP’s. This offers tax-efficient retirement savings and also allows for increased tax deductions to the corporation. We can help you explore you whether a RCA or and IPP may be right for your company.

Buy/Sell Agreements

It is essential that principals of corporations and small businesses develop a partnership agreement and a fully-funded buy/sell agreement. Our team can assess your current buy/sell arrangements and make recommendations on the best funding vehicles in the event of death, critical illness or long-term disability.

Disability Insurance Top-Ups

For many business owners & executives, the disability coverage offered by your company’s group plan may not provide adequate coverage. Our team can assess your current coverage and make recommendations regarding what options are available on a tax-effective basis.

Key Person Insurance

Most businesses have a few “key people” who play a critical role in running your company. Our team will assess the risk in the event of the death, critical illness or long-term disability of such a key person and provide solutions to address these risks.

Business Owner or Key Person Creditor Insurance

As a business owner, your future plans rely on the success of your company. On the death of an owner or key employee, will the cash be there when the bank calls the loan? Our team reviews the creditor coverage you have in place & ensures you are getting the best price & that the focus is on protecting your business, not the bank.

Succession Planning Services

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business & need to build a succession plan. There are many factors to consider, especially the taxation of the assets on transfer & methods for funding the purchase by the buyer of the business. Our team can work with your other advisors to address each issue relating to your plan.