Get Rewarded for Living Healthy!

Life insurance has never been a topic people like to discuss and it is definitely considered a grudge purchase by many. Part of the reason for the grudge purchase is that people feel their past health style choices will affect their insurance cost now and they will not be rewarded for making healthy choices in the future.

But there is good news on the Life Insurance front! Manulife is determined to change the way people look at Life Insurance with their new coverage called Manulife Vitality. This is a whole new kind of Life Insurance program designed to reward people for healthy living. It is a win/win for you, the consumer. A better price and better health!

Manulife Vitality allows you to earn points for making healthy choices and being active. All new members receive a Garmin wearable device (for free) and discounted GoodLife membership. Vitality has its own website and app to help you track your points, rewards and discounts.

You can get points for being active, getting health screenings (health and dental), setting goals, doing short online healthy living courses (Ex. Nutrition), maintaining a healthy weight and more. This is all tracked by Vitality and not Manulife. So you can be confident Manulife is not receiving any of your health information after your initial underwriting. They just receive an update each year from Vitality, reporting how many points you have accumulated.

Each year, your Vitality status is determined as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum based on how many points you achieve and this determines your cost of insurance and eligibility for other rewards and discounts.

This could be just the motivation you needed to stick to a healthy lifestyle year after year. Vitality members who make the simple changes required to earn points will no doubt experience increased energy and productivity.

Vitality is a global leader in integrating wellness benefits with Life Insurance and they have already started a transformation of the Life Insurance industry in South Africa and the USA and many other countries.

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