Individual Benefits

Our Services – For Individuals & Families

Life Insurance Planning – Review of your current life insurance portfolio and review of your situation in the event of death and discuss strategies that will assist you and/or your family in retaining the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

Income Replacement Planning – Most people do not realize their most valuable asset is their ability to earn an income. Disability insurance can provide an income stream if you are unable to earn an income because of an accident or illness. You may need coverage to top up a group plan, or cover loan payments. If you are self-employed you will likely need to develop an income replacement plan from scratch

Critical Illness Strategy – In the event of a critical illness and it is quite common to be buried in unforeseen expenses. Critical Illness Insurance can help to take care of these expenses as well as your day to day expenses. It can also help you be by a loved one’s side during a critical illness.

Investment Management Strategy – Develop a personal investment policy statement that identifies your target asset allocation and investment objectives and the steps needed to implement the strategy.

Retirement Planning Strategy – Identify changes you need to make in your current behaviour that will allow you to achieve your personal retirement goals and objectives.

Education Planning Strategy – Identify what must be done to achieve your educational funding objectives and discuss programs available to help meet these needs. There is government grant money available to help you fund this objective.

Estate Planning Strategy – Perform a review of the estate situation to discuss strategies to meet the wishes of you and your family upon death. Also explore ways to keep final estate costs and taxes to a minimum. This planning also involves being sure your heirs are treated the way you are expecting. It could also involve leaving a legacy for your children or a charitable organization dear to your heart.

Budgeting/ Cash Flow Planning – Assistance with setting up a personal budget and handling debt. Referral to bank specialist for flexible mortgage options.