Group Benefits

  • Most professionals, business owners or controllers are too busy running their businesses to take the time to thoroughly review their group benefit plans. This is understandable in light of the demands on their time but the benefits of undertaking this can make a big difference in the long run.


  • I firmly believe that no business owner should be paying for their family’s healthcare with after-tax dollars. If your plan is not covering 100% of what your family needs or if you are paying any kind of deductible your plan is not designed efficiently for tax purposes.


  • What is your group benefit plan doing for you? Does it match your company’s goals and compensation philosophy, or do you have a plan only because you think you have to?


  • If you have more than one type of employee (Executives, Sales, Labourers, etc.) then perhaps you should be looking at customizing your plan for the different employees inside your group.


  • You may want to use your benefit plan to reward employee loyalty by increasing benefits over time instead of taxable cash bonuses. This can be accomplished either through group benefits, healthcare spending accounts or a Group RRSP.


  • Once we know what your company’s goals are, we can build a group benefit plan to help accomplish these objectives.


  • Ongoing monitoring of your plan and our industry is used to help us be proactive in making your plan both cost effective and to ensure it evolves as your needs change.


  • By taking the time to pull together a few past renewals for us to analyze we can let you know if you are being treated fairly by your current provider.