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Manulife Bank believes the way a person manages their savings and debt has a direct impact on their long-term financial success. Canadians need flexible, integrated banking solutions that make their money work harder and help them achieve their financial goals.

Their customers have many convenient ways to bank with them, including:

  • Online, mobile and telephone banking services for daily banking needs, such as bill payments, transfers and automated banking machine (ABM) locations.
  • Access to more than 3,300 ABMs across Canada through The EXCHANGE Network®1.
  • InteracFlash® technology, offering customers the convenience of paying for purchases of up to $100 at participating Canadian retailers by tapping their Manulife Bank access card against the payment terminal, instead of entering a PIN or providing a signature.

For more information – whether you already have a Manulife Advantage bank account or are interested in applying for an account online – click the link below:


A GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) is one of the safest ways to invest.

You agree to lend the financial institution your money for a set term.  You are guaranteed to get that amount back when the GIC has matured.  You earn interest on the money you deposit into a GIC.

In general, the longer the term, the higher the interest rate will be.

A GIC that has a value of $100,000 or less and is invested for no more than 5 years is protected through the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation – CDIC .  (Please link the CDIC website to this)

There may be a penalty to get your money out earlier than what was agreed upon at the time of the GIC purchase.

GIC’s can play an important role in diversifying your portfolio.


Segregated funds are an insurance product that combines the growth potential of mutual funds with the security of principal guarantees. They also provide unique estate planning advantages to ensure your legacy is well protected. By using named beneficiaries, you can by-pass your estate, so your assets do not attract probate fees. In addition, by bypassing probate, segregated funds help to maintain your privacy, and the proceeds can be paid out faster. Under provincial laws, the interests of certain beneficiaries may override the claims of creditors, therefore segregated funds may be protected from creditor claims in the event of bankruptcy