As we work toward a new normal in the COVID-19 conditions, the thought may be that people will suffer less with their mental health and substance use disorders, however, the exact opposite is true.

In the new normal, people will feel more confident and comfortable coming forward with their struggles and reaching out for help. Business owners need to be prepared for this to happen.

In this episode, Lorne Curry invites Elliot Stone, CEO, and co-founder of ALAViDA, back onto the show to dive further into the benefits of the ALAViDA program. Lorne and Elliot discuss what could happen as the COVID-19 Pandemic moves toward an end and how it could impact group benefits. 

Elliot discusses: 

  • Identifying substance use problems within the workplace and how to address them
  • The importance of being supportive of those in your workplace that might struggle with substance use
  • Things that you can implement into your business now to address substance use problems
  • How ALAViDA works to support business owners who have employees with substance use problems
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Elliot brings a new perspective to the world of addiction medicine. After tireless research into alternatives to conventional alcohol treatment, Elliot pulled together world leading clinicians and researchers to create a treatment experience that puts the patient first. He brings a focused direction to providing evidence-based, collaborative care in a non-judgmental environment.